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vulpine artist

happy nude deer?

Posted on 2006.01.04 at 03:44
Current Mood: goodgood
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so then, here I sit at Bormacs computer. we've been playin a lotta games. wow it's already wednesday and I leave on saturday. funny how that is. sleeping schedule is going down the, well you know. so far its been fun. we're setting up boundries ;3
he is a lot more yiffy than I am. but too yiffy? I dont think so really. not better or worse, just different :P
he respects me though and my differences. its been fun, and hopefully it will keep being fun.
lotsa games. Super Smash Bros and Soul Calibur, and we rented a couple too. Killer 7 just cuz I enjoy it (hey Brian, I beat the guy with the afro if you're wondering where I am), and we rented Xmen Legends to play together (yay co-op, much better than Vs). never got real into Xmen. there was once when I watched Xmen Generation often cuz Nightcawler looked very cute in it XD (so did a couple other of the guys but hes on top... XD )
you know, Killer7 is a very interesting game. I mean it is very stylized, but Kevin is right, it is real simple graphically. the graphics probably would run on a N64 (wouldnt look as good, but it would work). it does have a very innovative gameplay (one of the reasons I like it), and it also has really funny anime style animation segments (another reason). and plenty of good ol' WTF moments. "this blood... it tastes like Ulmeda's..." "WTF how would you know that?"
dead people (people you killed or peoplw already dead) like to give you hints. something like that. I like the game. a lot hehe.
Xmen Legends is a real neat game. gameplay is fun. its like a mix between an RPG and an adventure game. set storyline, you can select different characters, they all level up together, you can equip different items, extra easter egg items you can pick up... good game.

ok ok Im done hehe
ta ta for now. Ill be back saturday afternoon if people want to do stuff.

vulpine artist


Posted on 2005.12.31 at 01:45
Current Mood: awakeawake
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okay. so today I got to see Greg. he was down to visit. its been a while since I seen him. seems our lifes are going seperate ways. or as he puts it "I exist, but elsewhere." funny to think back to the day I came out to him and told him about my crush on him XD
oh what a nite hehe. back in the prime days of Urban Spelunking. since then He's moved out on his own, gotten himself a dame and the two live together with a kitty who probably isnt a kitty no more. time sure flies.
but yeah. I played video games once again. only this time played one I hadnt before. on top of that its a shooter :o but theres a catch. its a shooter unlike any Ive ever seen before. Killer7 is the name of the game. the character I like to play as says "fuck you" if you get a one hit kill. not really a kids game. its very stylized (which keeps the gore from getting to you really), and its got one of the most unique gameplay Ive ever seen. it took some getting used to, but Im an adaptable fox, and got the hang of it pretty easily once I inverted the control stick and actually started hitting my targets.
the storyline? well it has one, and its not totally random, but the gamelay is. lol. so random its funny. I like screwed up things. for example: FLCL. love it. and I also get the "screwed up" bonus of SSBM if there are items when we play. so yeah Killer7 is a neat lil game that I ended up liking as much as I thought I would, however unlike I thought, I actually enjoyed playing it. it has Resident Evil style puzzles in addition to lots of killing, and collecting blood gives you a serum that you can use to upgrade the characters. wicked screwed up.

other than that I didnt do a lot today. tomorrow Im gonna be driving up to Fort Collins to visit teh Ranna and join in his feast of furrydom. thats right, it'll be a buncha furries at a dinenr party hehe. Im looking foward to it. and it wouldnt have been possible at all if I didnt call in sick and kept up the fib that Im sick lol. apprently I have strep. but Im "drinking a lot of tea, and its starting to get a lil better, but I probably will still miss Saturday."

SUNDAY IS MY FLIGHT!!! sooo excited for it. I love meeting people in person. and someone Ive been talking to as long as Bormac makes it even more special. almost 2 years now. and it's become very special and JESUS I CANT WAIT lol. happy foxy.

in other news, I have a penis. thank you and good night

vulpine artist

A dark and dasterdly plot....

Posted on 2005.12.27 at 14:20
Current Mood: awakeawake
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mkay let me make this clear that I got this idea when I woke up and my throat really WAS sore.

but yeah, I called in sick today (normally Id be at work right now).
Im gonna call in sick tomorrow.
I have two days off, and then Im gonna call in sick new years eve.

so.... looks like my plans might remain intact, which is a good thing.
its not like Im gonna drink myself under the table like I did that one night.... (bad memories.... what I can remember). Im gonna be a designated driver so all my friends can drink themselves under the table XD.
I have a flight the next day. Im very excited about it. its someone I lvoe a lot.
congrats btw Brian and yer new found long distance relationship hehe. I tried it once, but I didnt do it right (at ALL). I vowed to not do the long distance dating thing after that, but I still get feelings for people who are far away. and though I dont elevate it to dating status, that is mostly because Ive never met them before.
but more and more Im meeting the people I have feelings for. sometimes they sorta linger and die after it (Zeke's case was special tho), sometimes they grow stronger.
so Im flying out to see Bormac on the 1st. Im coming back on the 7th. it will be a week full of... fun LOL. I can't wait.

vulpine artist

real update time

Posted on 2005.11.07 at 23:02
Current Mood: blahblah
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the crappiness of Artemis' life is a subject that I am opting to not talk about.

in other news. I had to work this morning but I didnt get to sleep until like right before my alarm went off. and it wasnt for lack of trying. I got offline early enough to get a bad nights sleep (as opposed to NO sleep). needless to say I was exhausted all day at work. so what kept me up at night? well first off I just flat out wasnt tired. then the other half was an off and on sexual fantasy about that wolf from my dream. the really fluffy one.

I notice that in my fantasies I am super submissive. everyone wants the other one to do all the work and initiating. I find myself initiating sexual stuff a lot. but its closer to joint initiation than all mine. in my fantasies I dont do anything. the wolf hugs me warmly and rubs my chest and lets his paw wander south.... I sit there happily letting him do exactly what I want him to. it is never like that in reality. (not to mention the possibility of an anthro wolf existing at all is minimal to none)

after getting online and reading my mail, I posted an angsty post and took a nap. dad kept buggering me about something. doesnt matter what, just that it was a small something and insignificant. but he just kept buggering me. I went upstairs for a bit and he had to have mentioned it like 4 or 5 times. I was already in a crappy mood. and he was pissing me off. he mentioned it again and I got up and stormed downstairs and clsoed my door.
later he came down and asked if I was alright. "Im fine Im just exhausted" I lied. he offered to bring me some food. I felt better after it and got back online. he mentioned the small insignificant thing a coupel more times, I got annoyed but not noticably pissed.
yeah the worst part about having this berserker of sorts is that small and insignificant things are what set it off.

ah well. Jashua is flying to Denver this weekend. Im the only one he knows in Colorado so I get to spend time with him one on one! ^_^ wait "who is Joshua" you ask? this black panther furry is a friend online. Im sure you all think 'he might be a lil more than a friend...', and honestly I wouldnt be that opposed to more happening than just us hanging out. we've both decided that "whatever happens happens." Im a lil exited about it.
almost as excited as I am about flying out to see Bormac in january. *wriggles* looking foward to it lots. to both visits lots.

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