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VP by Terri


Posted on 2006.02.13 at 00:38
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okay so Im an active member of phobic again. for a long time I was inactive in reguards to it. workLANs were more for me to just hang out with friends and play video games. and thats only if I went. as of late though, I have been more or less THE 2D artist. concept drawings: oh yeah me, and now textures too. using my digital camera and photoshop, I create textures for our games.

saturday night after spending the day with Phil, I went to one such workLAN.
Brian showed the lil videos he filmed of me and him hanging out together the other night. in one of theme Biran was quoted as saying "Im not gay! You're gay. If I were gay, then I'd be gay. But I'm not.....You're Gay!" which greatly amused Galen.
also in one of them, Brian said something about how his voice would sound different recorded than it does to him normally and how he hates it. I said I dont hate how my voice sounds. I mean yeah I prefer what I sound like to me, but what I really sound like is still good. Brian said he wished he could hear what I soudned like to me.
well later in the LAn after Galen and Kiran were both gone, those of us remaining (Brian, Jeff and Me) listened to the latest revogaming podcast. well one of the guys on it sounded like me. when I said he sounds like me, jeff said "yeah a little.." Im thinking "a little?" then I realized... he sounded like what I hear myself as sounding like. it was soooo weird. hearing someone on the recording sounding exactly like I did to myself. when I said he sounds like me. I could tell Brian thats what I hear myself sounding like.

in other news, I went on a sorta extended date with Phil on saturday too. my sister asked me today if I'm dating him. I said yes. she asked if he was my boyfriend. I told her I dont have a boyfriend. this is of course by my definitions. according to some people I have MANY boyfriends.
anyways, we went to Cafe Sole and for one of the first times I actually ordered a chai. it was really good especially with the lil bit of honey I put into it. since we were in the end of town I went to visit my mom. I think this is the first time since I moved out of her house that Ive actually visted her without her arranging it. she got to meet Phil and give him the interview that all moms are prone to doing, especially the good ones.
then we went to Buffaloe exchange. Phil had never been. Then to Kirans, because I thought he was gonna be doing stuff with Ryan and Nick and the other Phil. but I guess it fell through or never actually happened. Ryan ended up not doing stuff, so Phil and Kiran and I went over to the workLAN that I had been told wasnt gonna happen, but then actually did happen.
Phil and I kissed (mostly) for shock effect.
everyone was surprised. they didnt know I had anything romantic goin between Phil and myself. or at least not anymore.

today I slept in at Brians place, called dad for a ride home, and the after showering and making my bed, I spent the whole day online. took an hour long nap a lil after 8:30 and then went out to IHOP, which was really delicious while I was eating, but now is feeling a lil weird. not a stomach ache or anything just kinna yucky. guess pancakes and syrup dont mix well with omlette and hot sauce inside the stomach. anyways, thats how my weekend went down. I hafta work tomorrow and then 4 days straight until friday, at which point Im driving down to Aurora to watch more Full Metal Alchemist with Ivan.

oh and PS, the print I ordered came in today, I put it on my wall along with a bunch of other art that I hadnt hung up yet. ie the windwolf picture I got from artmart and the wolfs rain fanart I got at NDK, and the semi transparent FLCL picture I got at NDK I managed to hang about an inch off of the wall, so you can see which parts are transparent and it looks wicked awesome.


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